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1967 Toyota 2000 GT is now the Most Expensive Car Model in Asia

Did you know that classic 1967 Toyota 2000GT holds now the record as most expensive Asian car in history? Well, if you believe it or not that is merely a fact. Recently, RM auctions sold this car for almost $1.2 million which surpasses the price amount sold of its high-end cars batch like Ferrari, Porche, and a classic 1954 Chrysler GS-1 Special that has sold for amount $616,000.

According to the figures of Hagerty Price Guide publisher David Kinney, a yellow colored 1967 Toyota 2000GT unbelievably became not only the most expensive production of Toyota history, but the highest-priced Asian production car throughout history.

Kinney wrote in an e-mail, which he believes to be a double highest price ever achieved, both for a Toyota production car and for any Asian car. I have looked for anything higher and have been unable to find it, he further said.

As we know, the GT is not really a cheap car that we mostly think of. Their February 2009 issue of well known Automobile magazine put a price list of new GT at $7,230, way more expensive compared to Chevrolet Corvette that sold for $4,663, a Jaguar E-Type for only $5,559, and $6,190 only for Porsche 911.

This mighty Toyota 2000GT was built for power and speed. It also considered an advanced car way back then. GT technical engine details include 150 horsepower dual overhead cam 2.0L 6-cylinder engine @7,000 rpm and 5-speed manual transmission for a $1.2 million worth value car.


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